Whether you’re considering a Model Y purchase, looking for the ultimate weekend get-away car, or just want to check out the most compelling, technologically-advanced, and FUN car on the road, you’re in for an Amazing experience!

Be one of the first to experience Tesla’s newest vehicle -the amazing Model Y Performance compact SUV, in pearl white with white seats. It’s fully-loaded, with Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving packages. It has the Performance package and is lightning-quick, sprinting 0-60 in just 3.6 seconds. Looking to take a roadtrip? You can enjoy Netflix and Youtube on the 15″ touchscreen, while charging up at Tesla’s best-in-class SuperchargingNetwork.

So, What Energizes You?


“We Americans are Crossover crazy! Crossovers – SUVs built on a car frame – accounted for over 40% of the U. S. passenger vehicle market last year. The top three models – Toyota’s RAV-4, Honda CRV and Nissan Rogue – combined, sold nearly 1.2 million units domestically in 2019!

Model Y is expected ramp up to not only outsell luxury competitors such as Audi Q5 and RX350, but even take a big bite out of the non-luxury nameplates referenced above – much like Model 3 not only outsells all BMW and Mercedes sedans, but has taken a bite out of Camry, Accord and Altima sales.